A healthy roof plays a crucial role in maintaining the value and prolonging the longevity of your home. A strong roof protects against costly damage to the interior of your home while also assisting in the reduction of heating and cooling bills. A new or well-maintained roof can increase property value anywhere between 10-30%.

Even if a storm does not produce golf ball size hail and you feel there is little to no noticeable damage to items surrounding your home, having a trained professional provide a free inspection is always a good idea. Wind alone can cause enough damage to your roof to warrant repair or replacement – and that damage can be even trickier to spot. This makes a proper post-storm assessment of your property critical when it comes to protecting your legacy and investment.

Lightning Restoration specializes in identifying hail, wind and other storm damage through a no-cost inspection and provides expert advice on needed repairs or full replacements. We then work directly with your insurance company to assist in the process of bringing your roof back to pre-storm conditions.

At Lightning, we use only the highest quality materials from certified suppliers while putting a Lifetime Labor Warranty on all roofs.

When some companies may sell and install the products that make them the most money, Lightning focuses on the Highest Quality Roofing Products to ensure it’s a Lifelong Roof.


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